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Breen Systems takes great pride in providing the best quality support and services

to its clients. From a friendly "Hello" by our receptionist, to all the satisfied client

response letters hanging in our lobby walls: Customer Satisfaction is priority number


Breen Systems Support & Services:

Technical Support
Software Support


Our Administration Department involves accounting and bookkeeping,

telephone support operations and the marketing aspects of the company.

We are pleased to announce that Breen Systems now accepts Visa and

Mastercard.You can use your Visa or Mastercard for account balance payments,

maintenance contracts payments, or for payments on new orders. Please e-mail

us if this service can be of financial assistance to you.

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Technical Support

Our technical support team consists of trained and certified hardware technicians

that go to great efforts to make sure your system is functioning properly. Breen

Systems has four fully stocked vans that allow our technical support team to assist

clients' emergency needs on-site in a timely manner. In addition to on-site support,

we have an extensive phone support system that enables technicians to respond

to client questions via telephone.

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Software Support

Breen Systems now supports over 300 hundred clients in Vermont, New York

and over 30 other states including two Canadian Provinces.

Our software support team is divided into two sections: VTEAM and BTEAM

The VTEAM supports all software for which Breen Systems is a Value Added

Reseller or"VAR", hence VTEAM. The VTEAM is composed of a team manager

and a competent and experienced support staff. Together, they service all existing

clients via phone or on-site support.

The BTEAM supports all software that is developed in-House or by Breen, hence

BTEAM. This team is also composed of a team manager and support staff. They

too provide complete software support to all existing clients.

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Most of our clientele are in the Vermont and upstate New York areas, excluding

StoneWorks clients who are located in numerous states around the United States

and two Canadian Provinces.  Our differentiated sales staff is well equipped to

answer any questions you might have on a Breen Systems investment.

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We offer on-site, as well as classroom training at our office, for all Breen

clients.Classes are taught by our support staff and clients are given Instruction

Manuals to use as future referencetools. For more specific information regarding

dates and times of classes, please take a look at our Training page.

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